Javascript Benchmark (English) 
Saturday, November 18 2017 . 06:42 AM
Seeing the excellent work on Web Browser Javascript Benchmark v2 by Celtic Kane, it came to my mind a simple improvement, including automated display of other browsers results.

The AJAX code, both for benchmarking, and for sending/loading results, is based on my old HTTPWebRequest, while the server side browser identification is based on the ancient Browser Detection with PHP by Gary White.

So here it is my Javascript Benchmark, which not only evaluates your browser's JS performance, but also submit the results, and show you the agregated globals.


The test
The test, currently on version 1.0, is hightly based on Celtic's one, with some minor changes.
When you press on Run test button, Javascript performance tests will start, and send the results to the server, showing at this time your results, plus the agregated totals.
Numbers mean ms (miliseconds), representing the time needed to finish each particular task, so lower, means better.


As a syntetic benchmark, Javascript Benchmark is not a direct measure of Javascript performance on real world applications, and the results obtained should only be taken as a hint.

Average results submited by users are not a direct indication of any concrete browser JS speed, since it is not only based in Javascript interpreting efficiency, but also on raw hardware power.

- 2008/09/20. Version 1.01: Made test executed on demmand with the "Run test" button instead of while loading the page, to avoid precision issues.

- 2008/09/19. Version 1.00: First public release.

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