SMETAR (English) 
Saturday, November 18 2017 . 06:42 AM
SMETAR is a weather monitoring tool. It accesses the METAR database, and displays it in a human-friendly fashion.

Important notices
As of november 2010, a server software upgrade at required HTTP 1.0 negotiations. You should use SMETAR 0.88 or newer to deal with it.

As of december 2007, has been reported that the METAR information provided by the NOAA which is used by SMETAR, has changed its location to You will need to update SMETAR to version 0.60 or later in order to work.

Quick facts
- Native 32 and 64 bit versions.
- Tiny footprint, can be run from floppy disks, USB devices, hard disks, ...
- Blazing fast program execution.
- Quick startup time.

Key features
- Dynamic system tray icon.
- Display wind, visibility, sky conditions, temperature, dew point, relative humidity, pressure, ...
- Obtain data directly from METAR services, without intermediaries services.

SMETAR is totally free, both for commercial, and private usage.

- Operating System: Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or 2008.
- 1 Mb of free memory.
- 20 Kb of disk space available.

Currently SMETAR is only localized in english.


- In ZIP format (38 Kb.): Ready to be used by uncompressing in any folder.

- Source code (30 Kb.): Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 source code.

- 2012/03/04- Version 0.94.182: Upgraded to Visual C++ 11 Beta; upgraded to UPX 3.08.

- 2011/08/18. Version 0.93.181: Use Windows Vista/2008/7 TaskDialog instead of MessageBox if available to improve appearance.

- 2011/08/07. Version 0.92.178: Run all threads at idle priority level, to save resources on low-end machines; change main window creation logic to hopefully avoid conflicts with some shells.

- 2011/08/06. Version 0.91.174: Added location name as trayicon tooltip and balloon caption; corrected spelling in sample ini file and documentation.

- 2011/07/16- Version 0.90.167: Updated help file; minor fixes.

- 2011/07/12. Version 0.90.161: Dynamic systray icon showing temperature either in Celsius or Farenheit; upgraded to MPRESS 2.18.

- 2011/02/03. Version 0.88.145 Beta: Modified canonical URL to; updated to Visual C++ 2010; updated to MPRESS 2.17.

- 2010/11/15. Version 0.88.144 Beta: Due to a server upgrade on open now it is required to perform HTTP 1.0 requests; minor code optimizations; updated to UPX 3.07; updated to MPRESS 2.12 (with -s).

- 2009/11/26. Version 0.87.138 Beta: 64 bit port available; reduced memory usage; added propper Vista UAC manifest; updated to Visual C++ 2008 SP1; ANSI/Unicode portability improvements; some socket code optimizations; other minor fixes.

- 2009/11/20. Version 0.86.129 Beta: Updated to Visual C++ 2010 Beta 2; updated to UPX 3.04.

- 2008/09/28. Version 0.86.127 Beta: Miscelaneous fixes; source code available.

- 2008/09/27. Version 0.86.123 Beta: Speed optimizations using StrChr when appropiate instead of StrStr; improved altitude parsing; destroy systray icon inmediatelly after closing; expanded the help file contents.

- 2008/09/26. Version 0.85.121 Beta: Added weather metric; fixed bug displaying date; fixed a problem loading ini settings introduced in 0.80.113; fixed coordinates issue in View map.

- 2008/09/26. Version 0.80.113 Beta: Brand new View map option; added temperature in C or F only; added dew in C or F only; added pressure in in or hPa only; added date/time; modified INI settings logic; Windows 64 source improvements; minor fixes.

- 2008/09/24. Version 0.70.102 Beta: Balloon tooltips for XP and later; reformated, and reordered how METAR info is displayed, to optimize available tooltip space; improved trayicon management; increased temporary buffers size to avoid overruns in error conditions; added default option to the context menu; expanded a bit help file contents; some code refactoring.

- 2008/09/22. Version 0.60.98 Beta: Fixed thread memory leak; added CHM help file; settings menu item implemented; reduced memory usage; add confirmation before exit; compressed with UPX instead of MEW11 to avoid false AV positives.

- 2008/09/20. Version 0.60.95 Beta: Updated METAR URL; upgraded to Visual C++ 2008; fixed about text; compressed using MEW11 instead of UPack.

- 2006/01/10. Version 0.50.87 Beta: Added systray icon; fixed bufferoverrun.

- 2006/01/09. Version 0.50.84 Beta: Changed procedure for obtaining ini file to make it work under when execution folder is not the current folder; minor bugs fixed.

- 2005/12/26. Version 0.50.78 Beta: Upgraded to Visual C++ 2005. Packed with UPack 0.39.

- 2005/10/30. Version 0.50.77 Beta: Added RAW metar information; added a check to see if SMETAR.ini exists; fixed problem with quotes in autorun; solved a buffer overrun.

- 2005/10/26. Version 0.50.75 Beta: Run update process in a separate thread; reformated tooltip in trayicon; added autostart setting; enabled Visual Styles; minor optimization and bug fixing.

- 2005/09/29. Version 0.50.61 Beta: Rewritten to use Winsock instead of Wininet; removed all C library dependencies; lots of optimizations.

- 2005/08/24. Version 0.40.29 Alpha: First public available version.

- Official SMETAR's website:

- Official author's website: